Bison Capital invests in leading middle-market businesses that have significant opportunities for value creation and strong, entrepreneurial management teams which are able to capitalize on their long term potential.

Experienced Investment Team

Experienced Investment Team



Consistent Team, Focus, and Strategy for Over 20 Years



Seasoned Leadership & Extensive Networks



Average Bison Tenure, 28+ Years Average Investment Experience



Over $1 Billion Total Invested Capital



Across Five Bison Funds

Our Approach

Flexible, Solution-Oriented Capital for Growth Companies

Flexible, Solution-Oriented Capital for Growth Companies

Bison Capital’s investment approach allows us the flexibility to invest across the entire capital structure, tailoring the structure of each of our investments to the needs and goals of the companies we invest in. While our investment approach is principally equity-oriented, some portion of our investment is often structured as preferred stock or subordinated debt.

Bison Capital’s ability to invest on a non-control basis provides our management partners with the freedom to execute their business plans and maximize their retained ownership. We endeavor to deliver a capital solution that facilitates the growth objectives of each business, allowing management to focus on executing its strategic and operational objectives.

Partnering With Management

Partnering With Management

A key element of each investment we make is the creation of a partnership between Bison Capital and a company’s management team. Bison Capital’s goal is to align itself with talented and highly-motivated individuals with strong operating backgrounds. We do not manage companies.

Instead, we work in collaboration with management teams in order to support their efforts to realize the long-term potential of their businesses. We only invest in situations where the key operators are significant equity holders in the company. Like the management teams and entrepreneurs we partner with, we are committed to long term value creation.

Bison Capital Value Add

Bison Capital Value Add

Bison Capital participates actively in the board of directors of each of our portfolio companies and supports management through access to our extensive network of outside resources. We assist our companies in the following ways:

Developing and refining strategic direction
Debt and equity capital markets
Identifying and negotiating acquisitions
Recruiting additional management or board talent
Developing compensation and incentive programs
Enhancing management information tools
Maximizing value for all investors upon exit



“Bison’s collaborative approach to private equity partnership really impressed us. Its an unprecedented time in the world of streaming content and we believe Bison to be the perfect partner.”

Mikel Elliott

CEO of Quixote

Apex Innovative Sciences

“Our respective teams and organizations have been great partners for years – working closely with each other to deliver the highest quality to our clients and participants. To formalize this combination and to add Bison Capital as an investment partner is an extraordinary step in our collective future.”

Dr. David Walling

Chief Clinical Officer of Apex

For The Record

“We believe Bison Capital will be an excellent partner and are excited about the opportunities this investment brings. Bison is intimately familiar with our operations and business plan and brings a wealth of experience and strategic focus to the business. I look forward to furthering our partnership and supporting the administration of Justice around the world”

Tony Douglass

President, FTR

HNI Healthcare

“The funding from Bison will enable us to invest heavily in the continued evolution of our proprietary technology, VitalSigns, while we continue to expand our geographic footprint and participation in alternative payment models.”

Michael Gonzales

CEO and Founder of HNI

The Center for Wound Healing

“The great value of our partnership was the accessibility of Bison’s principals to better define our strategies and think through potential successful outcomes. Bison did what it committed to do, its people are true to their word and I trust each of them implicitly. I welcome the opportunity to partner again with Bison when the opportunity arises.”

Andrew Barnett

former Chief Executive Officer

Overland, Pacific & Cutler, Inc.

“OPC has developed a strong reputation and market leadership position in the ROW services market since 1980. Bison’s investment will help us aggressively and efficiently execute on our growth initiatives, capitalizing on a large and growing market driven by significant planned infrastructure spend.”

Brian Everett