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HNI Healthcare




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Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services

HNI Healthcare

HNI is a technology-enabled physician practice management company focused on the delivery of full-service facility-based physician programs to improve the quality of patient care. The Company’s physicians, processes, and technologies enable hospitals to improve key quality and performance metrics through a more clinically integrated care model.

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HNI Healthcare

The Company has been highly successful with its offering of fully outsourced hospitalist staffing services and recently expanded their focus to provide management services to hospitals with internally employed physicians.

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“The funding from Bison will enable us to invest heavily in the continued evolution of our proprietary technology, VitalSigns, while we continue to expand our geographic footprint and participation in alternative payment models.”

Michael Gonzales, CEO and Founder of HNI

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Partnering with HNI Healthcare

“Bison Capital is thrilled to partner with the team at HNI. The Company has developed an outstanding reputation for helping hospitals improve both their clinical and financial performance. We believe HNI’s proprietary technology solution has positioned the company for continued success and rapid growth.”

– Andreas Hildebrand, Partner at Bison Capital

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