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Apex Innovative Sciences




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Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services

Apex Innovative Sciences

Apex Innovative Sciences, Inc. was formed in September 2019 through the merger of CNS Network (, Hassman Research Institute (, and Clinical Trial Centers Alliance ( Apex is the industry-leading independent operator of clinical trial sites focused on complex clinical trial studies for central nervous system indications. Apex maintains decades of expertise in conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors in c-n-s and a wide variety of other therapeutic areas including neurology, psychiatry, addiction, Asian bridging, pain, and general medicine. The company prides itself on delivering the highest scientific and clinical quality for its client partners and participants. In 2015, the Company launched its Ocean View Psychiatric Hospital, capitalizing on decades of experience in mental health to provide acute mental healthcare in an independent community-based hospital setting (

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Apex Innovative Sciences

Apex’s research experts, clinical and regulatory professionals, and participant network coordinators are led by industry veterans Dr. David Walling, Dr. Howard Hassman, and Dr. Larry Ereshefsky.

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“Our respective teams and organizations have been great partners for years – working closely with each other to deliver the highest quality to our clients and participants. To formalize this combination and to add Bison Capital as an investment partner is an extraordinary step in our collective future,”

Dr. David Walling, Chief Clinical Officer of Apex

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Partnering with Apex Innovative Sciences

“Bison is delighted to have the opportunity to partner with this leadership team and this combined organization as it expands the critical role it plays in the discovery of solutions and the treatment of patients in this highly sensitive and underserved healthcare population segment,”

– Lou Caballero, Partner at Bison Capital

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