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Ease Entertainment Services







Technology-Enabled Businesses

Technology-Enabled Businesses

Ease Entertainment Services

Ease provides the only studio-grade, all-in-one production management platform in the industry. Every studio and major independent production company in North America has used at least one Ease Entertainment solution. The Ease Entertainment platform consists of its state-of-the-art production finance applications, coupled with full-service payroll; its unique portfolio of physical production automation and development tools, called Scenechronize™; and the Ease Studio Hub, its studio production information management and security system.

Santa Monica-based Bison Capital Partners IV, LP completed the sale of its security holdings in Ease Entertainment Services, LLC, in conjunction with the Company’s sale of certain assets to Entertainment Partners.

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Ease Entertainment Services

“Bison was the perfect partner at the perfect time, Doug and Kurt dove into areas we hadn’t been able to focus on yet, and helped us vastly accelerate our business plan.”

Mike Rose, CEO of Ease

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“Bison Capital was the ideal strategic partner to take Ease to the next level. Doug Trussler, Kurt Pilecki and the entire Bison team’s expertise and input was invaluable to Mike and me, and was a key component in helping us to increase Ease’s profitability,”

Ruben Rodriguez, President of Ease

Bison Team

Ease Entertainment Services

“Management’s strategic vision to modernize the production process led to the development of highly differentiated software solutions for its entertainment customers and ultimately drove the compelling value proposition for a combination with EP.”

-Kurt Pilecki, Partner at Bison Capital

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