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Technology-Enabled Businesses

Technology-Enabled Businesses

About For The Record

For The Record (“FTR”) has revolutionized traditional court recording and transcription processes. Today, FTR boasts more than 30,000 digital recording installations across 62 countries. With cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking, FTR is delivering unprecedented levels of access to the court record as well as developing a remote justice solution to revolutionize the way in which trials and hearings are held. For more information visit

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For The Record

For The Record provides digital recording solutions to courtrooms including the sale and installation of hardware, software, and content management solutions.

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“We believe Bison Capital will be an excellent partner and are excited about the opportunities this investment brings. Bison is intimately familiar with our operations and business plan and brings a wealth of experience and strategic focus to the business. I look forward to furthering our partnership and supporting the administration of Justice around the world”

Tony Douglass, President, FTR

Bison Team

Partnering with For The Record

“Bison is impressed with the Company’s long‐standing history and growth. For The Record’s compelling technology and high-quality services offering is uniquely positioned to modernize the administration of justice around the world.”

–Kurt Pilecki, Partner at Bison Capital

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