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San Diego, CA

Miva, Inc.







Technology-Enabled Businesses

Technology-Enabled Businesses


Founded in 1997 and based in San Diego, CA, Miva provides an industry-leading eCommerce platform to high-growth B2B and B2C businesses, streamlining the eCommerce experience for vendors, retailers, and their customers through a highly customizable, scalable, and secure suite of software products and services.

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Miva provides software and services solutions to small to medium-sized business (“SMB”) and “emerging enterprise” clients (customers with online revenues between $1 and $100 million) through a highly customizable, scalable, and secure product suite. Since 1997, Miva’s ecommerce solutions have powered over $100 billion in online sales for some of the most successful B2B and consumer brands in the world.

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“This is the first time in our history that we have accepted growth capital. Bison Capital represented a rare opportunity to partner with experienced private equity professionals with incredible pedigree, while at the same time holding the same vision in Miva’s core values and building upon the growing dominance of Miva in the enterprise ecommerce space.”

Rick Wilson, CEO of Miva

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“Miva has built tremendous momentum serving thousands of businesses with its industry leading ecommerce platform suite. We are very excited to invest in this outstanding team and organization to support Miva’s expansion of its portfolio of devoted clients and the services it provides to them.”

– Lou Caballero, Partner at Bison Capital

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